Design and production of masts
Installation and implementation of masts
Maintenance of masts
Making different types of masts
Design and production of masts

Badrrayan Jonoob Company, having a long history of designing and producing masts and employing skilled staff, is ready to provide its clients with free advice on design and production

Installation and implementation of masts

Badrrayan Jonoob Company, hiring experienced and qualified staff to produce and install masts and using modern equipment, is capable of installing and implementing high quality masts in a short time

Maintenance of masts

Providing appropriate and timely services for clients is the most important issue so that Badrrayan Jonoob Company, relying on the technics and knowledge of its experts, offers required services

Products characteristics

  • High quality-
  •  Durability-
  •  Simple installation-
  •  Quick delivery –
  •  Clients’ satisfaction –
  • 24-hour support –

Making unstayed

Guyed masts depend on strong guylines for stability. In fact, guy lines are used to connect masts to a support such as the ground. Guyed masts are suitable for being used on the roof of houses and office buildings.

Unstayed masts are not supported by guy lines and only depend on the main base. They have 3 or 4 bases, connected to each other by a truss.

Monopole masts have multidimensional sections and depend on one base.


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